About Us


Based in NJ, Cuddly Construction LLC was created and is operated by parents for parents. Our website focuses on you creating a unique birthday package because, as parents ourselves, we understand the stress and frustration involved in organizing a child’s birthday party. Although we can’t take away all of the pain of party planning, we can alleviate a lot of it by creating a fun, easy and affordable shopping experience.


Our goal is to help you create a magical experience that encourages imagination and nurtures a child’s self esteem by promoting a sense of pride in the accomplishment of their unique creation.


We make creating a party EASY for you. All packages are custom designed to fit your party theme and needs. You choose the quantity, type of friend or friends. You may want to add an outfit or an accessory for there new friend. You may just want to add a t-shirt and some fabric markers and have them design their own t-shirt. You may want 9 of the same animal, or maybe you want 3 unicorns for your girl guests and 6 dragons for the boys. It’s all up to you!

We make creating a party AFFORDABLE for you.

Each Cuddly Friend includes the following for FREE!

  • Heart Insert
  • Stuffing
  • Construction certificate
  • Construction instructions


We also offer a wide variety of friends, outfits and accessories that fit our 8-16 inch animals.


We only offer products that meet our high quality standards. This can be seen in the sturdy construction of our friends and again in the details of our products. Our products are designed with children in mind and this is reflected in the details. Our friends have either a built in locking zipper or a combination of locking zipper and VelcroTM to allow for easy stuffing by small hands. Most of our clothing have VelcroTM buttons. Buttons are stitched onto the garment but a small strip of VelcroTM is used to actually secure closure. This gives the look of “real” clothes but makes dressing and undressing easy for children, eliminating the frustration children often find when buttoning clothes.


We believe in being “hands on”, therefore our customer service representatives are very knowledgeable about the products and services that we offer. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with questions or concerns. It will be our pleasure to assist you with your selections.


Cee Cee the bear is our company mascot and our most loved friend.

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